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What is "Parent Participation"?

"Parent Participation Preschools are different than other preschools because our parents are directly involved. Parents have the opportunity to be with their child one or twice a month in the classroom, to have a say in the administration of their child’s school and to attend monthly evening meetings with free parenting education and school business discussions. Parent Participation Preschools are a great place for both children and parents to learn new skills, meet new friends and take the first steps together in a school setting."


Council of Parent Participation Preschools – British Columbia (BC) (


Is It Hard?

This is our top question, the answer is NO!


Learning to interact, play and teach your child is easy in our program because we teach you both HOW to learn. With Teacher Kristel's 20 years of experience in early childhood education and inventive ideas on how to make learning fun, it doesn't even feel like work!


What Do I Need To Start?

1. Complete a criminal record check at

Criminal Record Check (

using the code: PR8ZNAUX3R


2. Provide a copy of your vaccination records

(vaccines are not required, however a record or declaration of status is needed.)

If you want the duty day discount:

3.  20 hour (online, free, on your own timeline) Brain Story child development education

Read about it here

Father and Daughter

What If I Can't Participate?

No problem!!

Parent Participation is completely optional and doesn't impact your enrolment. It is simply a way we can keep costs lower while providing excellent education to all of our students. There will always be a parent in the room with Teacher Kristel, but if your schedule doesn't allow for it to be you, we have several community days / parent roles / other ways to get involved.

What are the benefits?

PPPs are so unique, here are some of the amazing perks:

Holding Plant

Lower Cost!

Keeps our running cost low, to make early education accessible to all familes

Growing Ruccula

Parent Led

Parents become an integral part of our program's function, so this community adapts to your needs as family

Watering House Plants

Slow Start

Allows children whom may not have experience listening to new trusted adults learn to be in the classroom with a parent close by

Kids Gardening


All adults in the room are screened for criminal records and supervised by Teacher Kristel at all times

Farmer Checking Plants

Resource Library

Allows families access to various play mediums, toys, learning devices, and other supports for individual learning styles & developmental ages


Builds Skills

Teaches parents how to play with their kids in a way that encourages independence and personal growth

Growing Plants
Vegetable Picking

Grows Community

Promotes Confidence

Involves parents in the classroom, encouraging connection in and out of the class to foster a community of care & kinship

Children who attend early education feel able to learn and know how to participate in the next learning grades, promoting a love of learning and being a kind community member

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